"Anyone who doubts the future of jazz needs only to sit in the audience during an Alex Nguyen performance. With an old soul that belies his twentysomething years, the young trumpeter (and Savannah native) performs jazz standards as if he was present when they were composed. He's comfortable in a genre which favors pacing and improvisation based on the emotional depth of a song. "
– Savannah Morning News

"He's a new name to me, and a happy discovery... an exciting sound with plenty of focused energy and good vibes all around... especially notable to see the bandleader enjoying himself so much, appreciating his players' work-- something not always prevalent in world of ultra-cool laidback jazz cats." 
– Rob Lester
Cabaret Exchange

“Nguyen exhibits amazing control of the trumpet, harnessing the horn’s power with an astounding expressiveness that seems as if each breath carries with it a specific emotional message”
– The South Magazine 

"The First Year," a gentle bossa nova by Alex Nguyen, a student whom Barron recently met at a Washington, D.C., performance, was another high point. The piece was simply written but meaty."
– The Star-Ledger

“Soloists who caught my ear included… Alex Nguyen (North Florida) whose muted trumpet was featured all the way on a deliciously slow-cooked version of “Mean to Me.”
– Jack Bowers
All About Jazz

"Alex Nguyen is an old soul in a young trumpet player's body." 
– Palm Coast Lifestyles Magazine 

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Photo: Barry Moore

Photo: Barry Moore

Photo: Barry Moore

Photo: Barry Moore

Photo: Barry Moore

Photo: Barry Moore


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